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The Dainty Transfer Team

Most of our treatments are based on individual patient presentation and constitution type. However, research has shown a significant improvement in IVF outcomes following the protocol below at the time of embryo transfer. The protocol involves a treatment immediately before the transfer and immediately after. One of our team members would meet you at your reproductive endocrinologists' facility, staying with you the entire time. Please feel free to call us anytime with questions or concerns. We are available 7 days a week.

Influence of Acupuncture on the Pregnancy Rates in Patients Who Undergo Assisted Reproduction Therapy.


Significant increase in pregnancy rates, 42.5% vs. 26.3%

**The patients in this study did not have regular acupuncture treatments prior to the transfer.

Benefits of the selected acupuncture points

Increase blood flow to the uterus

Endocrine system regulation

Implantation support

Decrease inflammation of all gynecological organs

Decrease cramping

Decrease abdominal pain and distention

Open and relax the cervix

Calm the mind & decrease anxiety

Paulus WE, Zhang M, Strehler E, El-Danasouri I, Sterzik K. Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rates in patients who undergo assisted reproductive therapy. Fertility & Sterility 2002;77(4):721-4.


"Shelly is an individual who is living her passion through her profession. She is a natural who is not only highly intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in this area, but she has a sensitivity and instinct that cannot be taught. Shelly is a person that demonstrates confidence and ability in a very gentle approach. Her technical abilities are outstanding having experienced them personally on many occasions. Shelly is a gentle and caring practitioner who can direct a treatment in a sensitive fashion. Place your trust in her hands and you will reap the benefits." Richard P. Marrs, Reproductive Endocrinologist, MD, California Fertility Partners

"My OB/GYN recommended Shelly to complement my efforts with a fertility specialist. I am so glad that Shelly was part of my journey getting pregnant. She genuinely cares about her clients and I found her to be a great source of support. She makes you feel very comfortable sharing how you are feeling -- both physically and emotionally -- and her expertise and care can really contribute to your overall well-being. My fertility specialist was very supportive of having Shelly do an acupuncture treatment before and after my embryo transfer. I will always remember that Shelly was part of that very special day."

"Shelly came to my doctor's office and gave me acupuncture treatments both right before and right after the embryo transfer. I am happy to say that the transfer was a success and I am now 12 weeks pregnant with my first child! I continue to see Shelly and she has adapted her treatment to my new status as a pregnant mother. I will be forever grateful to Shelly for her role in helping me to become pregnant and for her patient and thoughtful care!"

"I began acupuncture with Shelly to assist my IVF cycles. My acupuncture treatments with Shelly helped a lot to relieve the emotional stress associated with infertility. It kept my body in balance throughout the process - physically and emotionally. Prior to the transfer Shelly met me at the MD's office for an acupuncture treatment and then another one following the transfer. And it worked! I am now 15 weeks pregnant and I am continuing acupuncture to help support me throughout the pregnancy. I would definitely recommend consulting Shelly to anyone having difficulty conceiving."

"Having Shelly on my and my husband's "Team Baby" not only inspired informed confidence and a sense of peaceful purpose, but also lifted our spirits so we could enjoy our oh so magical journey. The birth of our beautiful baby boy was the wonderful culmination of a process filled with love and support ... and one that included Shelly from beginning to end."

"Shelly has been a constant and caring presence on our journey through IVF into pregnancy. She was with us at our transfer and my husband and I both found her warmth and humor to be comforting and grounding while we were going through a very clinical and stressful process. I believe that Shelly's expertise and wisdom contributed enormously to our becoming pregnant. And she continues to be invaluable during the ups and downs of pregnancy!"

"I hadn't worked with Trace before the day of my embryo transfer, yet I immediately felt comfortable in her presence and confident in her abilities as an acupuncturist. Her calm, friendly demeanor put me at ease during what can be an emotionally stressful and anxious experience. The last thing you want to feel during this procedure is any anxiety and Trace created a calming environment and I was able to relax. The IVF transfer was a success, resulting in a positive pregnancy and the birth of my baby! I couldn't have asked for a better experience and highly recommend Trace."

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